Through our brilliant approaches home remodeling work, we have established a benchmark in tile installation and tile remodeling services.

Are you looking for tiling refurbishment in Central NJ? 

We can install and remodel any space in your kitchens and bathrooms with our best tile installation service.

Are you interested in creating an offbeat outlook for your old-fashioned kitchen and bathrooms? 

We are the best tile contractors in New Jersey, providing a wide range of satisfied tile services. We install new tile floors and walls or resurface kitchen and bathroom surfaces, to add a dazzling conversion.

Kitchen tile installation and tile remodeling services

Find your kitchen tile installations from us, whether it’s a new installation or a renovation. The cost of tiling a bathroom is high, but we delightfully present multiple options to suit your budget. You can determine the cost of tiling with our team before you start the installation project.

All our experts assure durable, moisture-resistant, exceptional surfaces for your kitchen through professional service.

  • We prioritize hassle-free service for your floor and wall tile installations
  • We provide tile designs that are durable, convenient cleaning, and an outstanding ambiance in your kitchen
  • We offer fair pricing for any types of kitchen tile installations
  • We have the latest designs for kitchen tile installations.
  • You can pick from thousands of vibrant colors to create your dream kitchen tile installation.
  • No more complaints about stains on kitchen walls.
  • Definitive quality assurance of all products in our contracts

Backsplash tile installation and remodeling services in kitchens

We are the best tile backsplash installation company in NJ.

Backsplash tile installation is your ideal solution for your  kitchensto protect the inner walls from constant water splashes from the kitchen faucet and oil splashes cooking stove.

Kitchen backsplash installation not only adds beauty, but adds value to your home too.

Backsplash tile installations definitely give your visitors a wow impression, especially with our finest tile installations, surrounding sinks, stoves, and counter tops.

Why do we recommend kitchen tile backsplash installations for every home?

  • Makes cleaning convenient.
  • Protect your wall from cooking stains.
  • Protect from moisture by preventing water damage.
  • Their installation is quite easy.
  • No need to worry about replacement, because replacement is a piece of cake.

How do you choose a proper tile backsplash installation for your kitchen?

  • There is no need to sweat in selecting a suitable backsplash tile for your kitchen.
  • We provide stylish and modern tile backsplash installations guides. You are free to choose the type of tile you want among marble, ceramic, porcelain, glass, etc.

Bathroom tile installation and tile remodeling services

We are avant-garde in shaping your bathroom space with our best tile installation, tile remodeling, or tile refurbishing services. Bathrooms are one of our the main units of a house, and we need to enhance the soothing feeling when you spend time in it. Therefore, a top-notch bathroom tile installer is a must.

Bathroom tile installation ensures a durable, easy-to-clean surface and a glamorous appearance.

We prepare our customers to experience modern bathroom decor, and it is no longer a fantasy. Through our artistic efforts, we work respectfully to make your dream of a modernized bathroom a reality.

Walk-in showering has become a very fashionable trend. Contemporary bathroom tiling decors for walk in showers are available at Wolfpack Home Improvements.

 Check out the advantages of hiring tile installers in NJ with our expert team. You will definitely choose us over any other tile contractors in NJ.

What is special about us when it comes to bathroom tile installation and tile remodeling services?

  • We provide FREE consultation to provide advice for tile remodeling services for outdated bathrooms to add an unconventional look.
  • The cost of tiling a bathroom becomes affordable with our reasonable pricing structure
  • We give you the opportunity to select budget-friendly options.
  • Your old bathroom floors and walls can be refurbished with a contemporary tile installation by our well-trained bathroom repair contractors.
  • All types of bathroom tile floors or wall tiles we provide are durable, waterproof, and resistant to germs and bacteria.
  • Our prime desire is to fulfill your tiling installation requirements according to your personal preferences.
  • We enrich bathrooms with pile of recent bathroom floor, wall and shower area decors and updated trends.

Try transferring your old bathroom tile with the help of our amazing bathroom tile backsplash installers.

Choose Wolfpack Home Improvements for one-of-a-kind bathroom tile backsplash installation and customized trending designs.

What are the benefits of bathroom backsplash installation

  • Prevention of water damage to the drywall
  • easy-to-clean surface
  • Spotless and elegant outlook
  • a wide range of vibrantly colored tiles to suit your taste.

Why should you consider hiring Wolfpack Home Improvement for all your tiling needs?

  • We do a thorough analysis of customer preferences through our end-to-end service.
  • Our team consists of professionals who can handle any type of tile projects.
  • We offer warranty for any issues related to our tile installations.
  • We provide constant support before and after contracts.
  • Our tile contract services can be the ultimate affordable option, when you search “bathroom tile contracts or repairs near me or “kitchen tile contracts or repairs near me.”
  • Our services outrank all other tile contractors that work in NJ because of our pledge to maintain the top-notch quality of our services.

 Call Miguel Valdez at: 917-652-1993

Wolfpack Home Improvement is owned by Miguel Valdez. Miguel is a family man and Army veteran with over 11 years in this industry. The team always treats everyone’s home like it is their own. 

Nikos Saketos
Nikos Saketos
Miguel and team did a superb job with my basement renovation. From the initial estimate to the final cleanup, they were professional, reliable, accommodating and on-time. The quality of work was everything we expected. Highly recommend.
Lisa B
Lisa B
Highly Recommend Wolfpack Home Improvement! Wolfpack recently did a bathroom renovation. They are highly knowledgeable, informative and had great communication! Work was done quickly, efficiently and they kept the work area very clean. I am thrilled with my new bathroom. From start to finish was an excellent experience. I would highly recommend them for any home project you may have. I will definitely use them in the future.
Janet Sullivan
Janet Sullivan
Very pleased with our powder room remodel. Miguel and his team are very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend.

Bedroom Remodeling

Transform your bedroom into a space of comfort and luxury with an expert remodel.

Tile Remodeling

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom with elegant tile designs to look luxurious.

Basement Remodeling

Get your unused basement space to a modern style hangout area.


We take any type of home remodeling NJ projects

Common Area Remodeling

Revamping the lobbies and hallways of buildings.


Professional finish on your home improvements and renovations through our paintings.


Under one roof, all carpentry services are offered.

Bathroom Remodeling

Transform your bathroom into a contemporary haven. Modern walking shower concepts, correct backsplash installation, and the greatest tile installation are all accessible. We also build custom bathrooms for seniors and modify existing bathrooms for residents with special needs.

Kitchen Remodeling

In general, cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, light fixtures, and backsplashes are removed and replaced during a kitchen makeover, which significantly alters the way the room looks and functions. You can modify your kitchen to suit your individual tastes.

Home Remodeling

House improvement projects might involve enhancing the interior, exterior, or other aspects of an existing house. With the help of our home improvement services, you may complete more space-saving, energy-saving, and budget-friendly tasks.

General Contractor

You are welcome to employ our general contractor, who will inspect your home. A general contractor completes the contract after an initial analysis of the entire construction or restoration project. The scope of the work, the timeframe, and every other aspect of the building or restoration project are all described in great detail.